Posted by NADIA LANGLEY on Feb 15th 2014

Four Huge Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Swimwear

It's Uncomfortable

Size inclusivity is (slowly) improving in the fashion world. So if you find yourself constantly readjusting your top or bottom to feel comfortable, take it as a wake-up call that this isn’t the suit for you — and trust that you'll find something else. Neither the top nor the bottom of a bikini should be moving around too much, or, on the opposite side, pinching your skin too much. Like Goldilocks, you need a happy medium.

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Your Top Band Keeps Riding Up

Believe it or not, this actually means that your top is too big, which is the general rule for bras, too. If you stand in the mirror on your side and see the band riding up, consider going down a size. This should help significantly.

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There's Not Enough Support

Just as in your emotional life, support is integral for your bust as well. If your boobs feel uncomfortable because of avoidable sagging, swap for a bathing suit top that has an underwire for some extra support. I myself love the triangle bikini look, but sometimes my boobs need a little help. And that’s when I turn to the underwire option, which works wonders for comfort.

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The Straps Keep Falling Down

Conversely, this means your bikini is actually too big. Here’s where Goldilocks comes in again: Not too tight, and not too lose, but just the right amount of tug is what you're after. Perhaps the straps loosened up over time, or maybe in the wash, but either way it's time to replace them (if you can), or spring for a new suit.

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What Is The Best Swimsuit For MY Body Type?


If your chest, waist and hips are almost the same size then you fall into the category of "banana" shaped (sometimes dubbed as "ruler" shaped or "athletic"). This means you might want to create the illusion of curves while choosing a style that has ruffles to create desirable volume. An 80s inspired high cut bottom will elongate the legs and create curvy hips, and a "bustier" or balcony-bra top will accent the breasts, thus the overall style would be feminine and fun. 


If you happen to have a large bust with narrow hips then you fit the "apple" shape description, sometimes called the "inverted triangle". The most important thing in this case is not to reverse this imaginary triangle, but to balance it out. Therefore it is best to choose a swimsuit top that supports the large bust as opposed to very thin straps which won't do the trick; the last thing you want is a heavy chest seeming even heavier. Have fun with the bottom, go for a flirty and flowery design or one with detailing, and what this does is offers visual balance between your chest and hips and draws the attention to the latter. 


"Pear" shaped body type is when your hips and bottom are wider than your chest area. This is a very feminine shape and a curvy bottom area can be used to your advantage no matter what size you wear. The trick to achieving this is choosing a swimsuit bottom that hits the hips and not above, which minimizes lower volume. The best thing to do in terms of color is to stick to one, without patterns, ruffles or side laces so this area won't be overwhelming.


The "hourglass" figure means that your waist is the smallest part of your body, and your chest and hips are approximately the same width. For this shape, you need to steer clear of anything that puts the natural curves off balance, meaning choose harmony between the top and bottom. Therefore if you want a solid color, then make sure both top and bottom are solid, same applies for floral and any other pattern. Opt for a halter top for support and a bottom that hits the waist to accentuate your best feature, in this case, vintage glamour works really well.