Posted by MIKAYLA HEMSLEY on Aug 22nd 2019

About UMOJA Boutique

Founding One Of Fastest Growing Online Boutiques In The United States

I was 18 years old and in my first year at University of San Diego when I decided to quit my side job. I had been juggling a full load of classes, a part time job, volunteering and upholding a college freshman social life. Constantly stressed, I took the last money in my bank account and bought the domain It had always been my dream to be an entrepreneur and I was tired of waiting to obtain a degree to do it. I spent every spare moment I had personally designing the website and choosing what I wanted to sell in my store, inspired by the Southern California lifestyle. Living in sunny San Diego, I soon realized my passion was swimwear. I contacted a manufacturer and was on my way. As you may imagine, lacking space in my single dorm room at college, the idea of handling inventory was not plausible. I resorted to having the manufacturer ship directly to my customers for the first six months of UMOJA’s growing stage.

UMOJA grew extremely quickly, three months into the launch UMOJA was in the top 2% of stores launched the same month.

Nearly six months later, after saving every penny of profit from the sales, I finally ordered inventory. By doing this, I sped up shipping length significantly, eliminated the middle man which allowed me to put my own personal touch on every package UMOJA ships out. This was the first step toward scaling UMOJA the way I have always dreamed of doing.

The Following Steps

Getting 30,000 website visitors and 800 orders in the first week of launch is not normal. It is rare. My most utilized marketing resource is social media. I got my product out there by sending swimsuits to influencers and promoters. People loved them and it spread like wildfire. Creating brand awareness and love for my products means more to me than anything. 

What’s Next?

I still continue to juggle being a full time college student and growing UMOJA. I personally handle most of the advertising and promoting of UMOJA, always trying to add my personal touch and passion to everything I do. UMOJA is growing larger everyday and has insane potential, I can’t wait to see where my baby goes and what’s next for it. This is my dream and I am so thankful for all the continuous love and support. Thank you.